Group Presentations on Leadership Topics

The purpose of this assignment is to provide small groups of students with an opportunity to research a specific reading/literacy topic and present that topic in an interactive, informative way. Each group will share their presentations below.

  1. Digital Kids, Digital Readers: Exploring the World of eBooks By Lissa Bonnell Davies, April Hilland, Laurie Hnatiuk, Kathleen Simmonds & Cherie Smawley
  2. Transliteracy by Renae Gartrell, Nicola Kuhn, Tamzen Kulyk, and Pam Wenger
  3. Book Clubs by John Lobe, Brenda Roberts, Niki Card and Tracy Woodward
  4. Building a Reading Culture by Tu Loan Trieu, Leslie Holwerda, Nicole Shaver, and Hali Hamel
  5. Effectively Reading Online by Lisa, Metthea, Heather, and Natasha
  6. Graphic Novels and Manga in the Library and Classroom by Brandi, Sheryl, Carol and Tammy
  7. Differentiated Literacy by Anne, Kristen, Melissa and Ginger